Duynparc Soest

Central in the Netherlands between Soest and Amersfoort with Amersfoort Zoo, the National Military Museum, Soestdijk Palace, many fantastic restaurants and other attractions nearby. Wonderful walking or cycling in the adjacent forests and Soester dunes.

In short, a location with a lot of variety!

You can contact us for a night, a week or longer stay, private or business.

We have beautiful spacious villas, luxury bungalows, comfortable chalets, studios and camping spots.

Book your short stay accommodation through this site. For a long stay, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

For an impression of the park: 

Important measures in connection with the coronavirus:

  • You should only visit the reception if you really have to, preferably an email or phone call, maximum 1 person in this room.
  • The laundry remains open, use the space carefully and disinfect after use, maximum 1 person in this space.
  • Visits to the park are only permitted as long as they are within government guidelines.
  • The playground equipment for the children remains open, do not try to school with a large group here. The children are allowed to play with each other, but preferably not with too much at the same time.
  • All keep an appropriate distance from each other, no gatherings, don't you feel well, have a cold or the flu? Then stay inside!
  • Let's help each other and address each other if the above are not adhered to.

These rules are currently binding, we will continue to adjust or monitor these monitors.

The above is in accordance with the instructions of the government and / or sector organization RECRON.